Friday, March 19, 2010

Test, test, test!!!

Only one word to describe today's test:


I realized that some lecturers don't teach us all the stuff we need to know. Pay so much to the uni just to self-learn? even topics that haven't discussed in tutorial came out in today's test! =.= so disappointing!

So many tests n assignment datelines are coming soon! stressssss!

Spending the weekend at Setapak. its kinda boring here... so tired n exhausted after test! dont feel like doin anythin at all... but have to study anyhow. boohoo! :(

Anyway, i had a new hairstyle since a week ago! did rebonding for the very first time.. n the outcome isn't as good as expected. with such thin n flat hair, my head now looks even smaller! =.=

Someone even said i look like "Antz" =.="

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