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I've been having disturbed sleeps almost every night since last week! I've been having dreams almost every night.. even when my alarm rings, it takes awhile to wake me up from my dream. sigh..

anyway, out of curiosity, i actually found out the meaning of these few common scenes in dreams..

Being chased in dreams will usually occur when you feel threatened by some waking life situation or person. It is a natural reaction to the stress of life. The origin of this dream dates back to when being attacked was not that unusual. Wild animals or predators were usually the attackers. However, in today’s world there is no real threat of being chased by wild animals, what the chase represents for us is more emotional in nature.

Feelings like anxiety, anger, hatred and jealousy could trigger chase dreams. In essence you are running away rather than confronting an issue. You are trying to avoid an unpleasant situation, something that you are not ready to confront.

Flying in dreams is quite common for dreamers who achieve a state of Lucid Dreaming. Lucid dreaming is the ability to realize you are dreaming while asleep. This is a great skill to achieve as it opens up a whole new world of possibilities such as the ability to control your flying and where you go.
Is it a pleasant, thrilling experience where you feel you could achieve anything?
Is the experience fraught with anxiety and fear that you will fall or lose the ability?

If it is a joyful experience you are probably feeling confident in being able to get where you want to go, that you have the skills necessary to achieve your dreams.

If in your dreams you are flying away from something or someone you may be shirking responsibility.

If you are trying to get off the ground and can’t or if you can get off the ground but maintaining your flying takes a lot of hard work…this may mean you feel your freedom is limited by something. And it can mean you feel you have difficulty controlling what happens in your life.

Lost dreams
signify a sense of feeling lost in some situation in waking life. It could be you feel you have no direction with your career or perhaps you are feeling emotionally “lost” in a relationship. Do you feel confusion or conflicted about how to act in a waking life situation?

In lost dreams there is a distinct sense of urgency and panic, of fear and desperation at being lost and not knowing what to do to help yourself.

Perhaps you are in a foreign land or you could be somewhere that looks familiar yet you don’t know where you are going or how you will get there.

The dream may also centre on you losing an object, rather than being lost yourself. If this is the case you need to look closely at the item that you lost.
What is the item you lost?
What does the item mean to you?
What is its purpose?
How do you feel when it is lost?
Do the answers to these questions remind you of any situation or person in your life?

Perhaps you are not able to move, scream or breathe in these dreams. Are you screaming your lungs out but no sound is coming out of your mouth?

Simply enough this is a metaphor for an actually need in your waking life for you to call for help or ask for assistance, but for some reason you are not doing so.
At this point you probably don’t feel the need or realize it is necessary but your unconscious is trying to tell you….it is.

Feeling trapped or paralysed also reflects what is happening when we are dreaming and in REM sleep, when our muscles are actually paralysed to inhibit our body from acting out our dreams.


shiau said...

interesting post, worth reading over.I once had a dream that i drowned and it felt awefully real for a reason...haha..oh well... back to studying...

Jiaqi said...

drowning? haha. float with ur fats la! :P
study hard la fei..

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