Friday, February 26, 2010

The Show.

Life's like a show.

Sometimes, a puppet show? Where there's only two options.

Either you're the puppet master or the puppet.

I'm so sick of putting up with shows which seem "entertaining" to people.

And the reason why you're the "entertainer" of the day is because you're being manipulated.

Even after the show ended, you still have to play some character.. which is totally fake and unnatural!

Because the truth is, the show never ends..

I wish I can program my brain to be the best actress ever on Earth!

Cuz it's so difficult to be so fake when I've always been so frank with my words & expression all my life!

Like it or not, life's like that!

So full of Shit...


shi wei said...

what's wrong? somebody cheated on u?

Jiaqi said...

nop.. just find it so difficult to put up a happy face when i dun feel so.. or any emotions and expressions which are not sincere..

shi wei said...

人有几张脸,it's normal (=

Jiaqi said...

hmm. true..

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