Sunday, April 11, 2010


It's been a long long time since i last updated my blog! have been really busy lately.. with tests n assignments.. now when its almost over, finals will be in 3 weeks time! omg.. so much to study!

Engineering Analysis (EA) test yesterday was crazy! brought laptop to solve a 7 x 7 matrix that was reduced from a 10 x 10 matrix! the toughest part isnt about solving the matrix using Matlab, it was finding out the force and moment for each node! grr.. *still not quite over it yet*

The thing that i hate most lately is the weather! its freaking hot! i keep sweating every day n night! *super gross!* n if i hide myself in the air-cond room the whole day, my lips start peeling & cracking! =.= n im still in search for the ultimate remedy for my lips problem.. tried almost every thing ppl around me recommended, but so far, the results are not so optimistic. :( n maybe its because of the weather, someone said i've become more grumpy lately!!! *blame the weather*

Life has been pretty dull lately for me. its the same routine every day. go uni, come back, online, study. life has been pretty boring. so boring that i spent most of my time day-dreaming (without realizing it myself). probably i was just too tired.. i mean like, what can u expect from uni life (specifically Universiti Tak Ada Rehat life) rite? not like im doing some "fun" n "relaxing" course or something.

How i wish things around me are always fun n exciting! *bla.. bla.. bla..*

Time to sleep. its 1am already!

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