Monday, June 1, 2009

Trip to the National Park.

ok, basically this is what happened during my last sem break.

Me & my uni friends went to the national park a.k.a. taman negara on 13th May till 15th May 2009.

it was fun, tiring, exhausting, sweaty, dirty n nice. hahah.

so many things happened there.

i'll let these pictures do the talkings.

in the bus

in the boat

the beginning of our journey to the bats cave (Gua Telinga)

ahh.. finally there!

out of the cave.. full of dirt & bat shits!

everyone.. while waiting to get on the canopy walk.

after canopy walk

finally out of the jungle

heading to the orang asli place

n finally one last photograph with the tour guide before we left Agoh Chalet.

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