Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Malacca "Talk" Trip

i went to Malacca last Saturday (6th June 2009) for a 2-day trip.


and probably with a 2-3 hrs talk. (since it's free!)

n it turned out to be a free trip for anyone at all.. n guess wat?

The talk is 2 hrs! per session.. n there were 3 sessions!

suddenly i felt like i got cheated.. =.=

i will not elaborate nor give any personal opinion on the talk since it'll be quite a sensitive issue.

3-5pm and 8-10pm on Day 1. 10-12pm on Day 2.

so basically, we didn't have much time to sorta play around.

n the best thing is, nobody told us that there'll be a beach!

so basically, i was totally unprepared for the beach.

Ahh! n not forgetting the bad incidents that happened throughout the whole trip!

1. Bus rosak! when we were on our way to Malacca.
2. I didn't have enough clothes. (cuz i couldn't know a thing about the BEACH!)
3. Our resort.. indah khabar dari rupa! totally so not like what i had in mind when i was told that we'll be staying in a "Resort".
4. Part of the talk was in Mandarin!! AAhhh!! i couldnt understand 50% of it..
5. One of my contact lense fell off on Day 2 morning!! Ahhh..!!
6. My toe was bleeding! cuz accidentally let go that dumb chair on my foot while arranging the chair!
7. Bus rosak again!! on our way back.. took us almost 4hrs to go back to KL from Malacca!

THOUGH all these bad stuff happened n all.. but its better than nothing.. i'll be darn free during the weekend anyway.. at least i know where to borrow money from IF i ever wana start a business.. heheh.

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