Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Lunch at Midvalley

Been quite busy lately.. with uni stuff.. n some God-knows-what stuff..

all i know is that i don't really have time for lotsa stuff..

probably cuz my mind was restless.. for God-knows-what reason..

but anyhow, i went back to puchong last weekend for a short meet up at Midvalley with a couple of my ex-classmates from Assunta. Sin Hui is now doing Statistics in UPM.. n Wen-Che is now doing Finance in HELP.

both of them were in the same class as me since... Form 1! wow..! haha. n Sin Hui has been sitting next to me since form 2 till.. my lower six in SMK(L)BB! lol..

its feels really good to meet up again after many years! i had a great time! :D

omg.. n that satay noodles from Kim Gary sucks! i've never tasted anything as horrible as that for as long as i can remember! *pukes*

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