Friday, May 29, 2009

A moment in "Wonderland"..

i stumbled across something today. then, my stupid itchy hands decided to help me find out more n more. it made me think back about lots of stuff that happened years ago.

i dont really remember how it feels to be like me back then. but i always wonder..

what have i become? why am i like that now? was i REALLY like that? will i ever be better? will it be too late?

maybe i was naive. maybe i was playful. maybe i was childish? maybe i was stupid. maybe i was lazy. *blame, blame, blame*

wait. i AM stupid and lazy all the while.. for the results of my finals this sem isn't very acceptably okay at all.

what if i worked harder? what if i was smarter? what if i was more persevered? what if.. what if.. what if.. *ah.. sick!*

But i always do my best. That's why i always hope for the better NEXT time, instead of regretting. yes, that's why ppl keep changing for the better. and so do i. did i? hmm.. *wonders*

Look, im not regretting on anything that was done in the past. just that sometimes, it makes me wonder..

yes, i do think a lot!

and i'm still breathing...

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