Friday, January 2, 2009

♥ faber drive ♥

i heart faber drive!! =)

songs i

"Bright cold silver moon

Tonight alone in my room
You were here just yesterday
Slight turn of the head
Eyes down when you said
I guess I need my life to change
Seems like something's just aren't the same
What could I say?

~ tongue tied ~

"Instead of holding you, I was holding out.
I should've let you in, but I let you down.
You were the first to give, I was the first to ask.
Now I'm in second place, to get a second chance.

~ second chance ~

"I know the end is coming.
So scared of heights it's numbing.
A 24 story love affair.
With me up here and you up there.
I know it's all but over,
I wish the last kiss would have lasted longer.
A 24 story love affair.
With me up here and you up there.

~ 24 story love affair ~

"Underneath my skin is it just anger, just frustration?
Underneath my skin is it decisions or these feelings?
It always hurt my mind.
It always killed my pride inside.
It always wastes my time.
Again, again...

Again I bleed, again I shake.
Again I fall, again I break.
Wasted, hated.
Again, again...

~ again ~

"When I'm with you I'll make every second count
Cause I miss you
Whenever you're not around
When I kiss you
I still get butterflies years from now
I'll make every second count when I'm with you

~ when i'm with you ~

"Am I the fool?,
Am I a victim?,
I'd rather know,
You'd rather kiss him goodnight,
Tonight I'm blinded,
I tried, I tried,
Is this the way,
Is this the way it ends?

~ it ends ~

happy new year ppl!
may the new year brings endless joy n prosperity! =D

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