Friday, January 9, 2009

new year, new me?

will be starting uni next week. which means i will be here in puchong for only 1 more day. my heart's feeling so heavy to leave home. not a very good sign. i will be having classes from monday till SATURDAY! hate the new timetable!

suddenly i realised that 3 months holiday is just not enough for me. i wish every day is also a holiday! i love holidays n i will really miss it!

oh, i went for this SME brands award night last night at Shangri-La Hotel, KL. was working as an ambassador for that event. the event was overall very well-organized. n the best part of it is that i took home a goodie bag, namecard holders n a few note books! yay! as said by one of the girls there.. this is the sign of a future "si lai" (aunty!). omg! =_=" reminds me of the times during form 6! which also just reminded me that i saw Mr. JP two days ago in Tesco! who also said that i looked old! =_=" wth! i was wearing my glasses la.. n ofcz i was not very dressed up. since i was just going for grocery shopping at the hypermarket!

hmm.. im glad that a couple of my friends were there for me when i was feeling down. lotsa stuff happened. there's so much that's bottling up inside me now. i wana get all that out, but i just cant find the right words n also the right person.. everyone around me seems to be drifting away..

i finally understand why certain ppl still do certain things even tho they know its wrong! well, just say that im a person who doesnt learn from mistake. everytime i fall, i feel the pain, mourn over it n when its over, i will be back for more! n i will go through the whole process all over again! wth! why am i like that?!

i truly agree that humans will never be satisfied with what they have! even if they do, its just temporary. humans r greedy! i admit that im like that. (tho i really wana deny it, but i really cant help to agree on that fact!)

i also learnt that ppl do n have to change due to environmental pressure. im really afraid that i will become someone i dont even know some day.. im such a messy person.. dammit!

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