Monday, December 15, 2008

A Journey Through Time II

most of u must be wondering where was i MIA for the past 11 days. i was working ok. as brand ambassador for starhill gallery for the event, "A Journey Through Time II".

that job was really dead tiring! so i didnt bother to go online or reply sms-es! the moment i reached home after work, i took my bath n then straight up to bed.

i'm happy that i took up this job cuz i met some really nice friends during the job. but was also abit upset due to many conflicts that happened during the job. but for now, i'm happy cuz its all over! =)

here are some photographs during the job.


Jess said...

hey dear~
the only thing that i feel very very sad is i didnt able to take a photo with everyone of u, esp those that are close to me, like u, zhi min.... too many to be listed out..haha..
anyway,since we lived so near. we can hang out any time long as we got time..hehe =)

nice knowing u from AJTT~ =) take care and all the best

Jiaqi said...

hey jessie.. dont worry, we will still hang out together in future. hehe. hope to see u this sunday! nice knowing u too.. =)

soo ann said...

Jia qi!!!!!
i miss, miss, miss u n da gals so, so much!!!
after da starhill job it felt a bit wierd cos i wasn't seeing u guys ady...
anyway we shall meet up soon k...
oh n i don't haf ur msn...
can add me?

Jiaqi said...

soo ann!! i added u on msn d.. but havent seen u online before! u gona organize any meet up? =)

☺仪仪☻ said...

Hi jiaQi, dropped by~
Hmm the (pass)strip if not mistaken is from pavillon starhill right? My coursemates went to starhill for JogoYA!!! they all have the nice strip same as u lol!

Jiaqi said...

yap, i notice lotsa ppl alws go jogoya. those tags r from starhill gallery. but our tags r staff tags. so abit different from ur frens'. heheh.

Jan Errol said...

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