Friday, November 7, 2008

Early Birthday Dinner

Had an EARLY 20th birthday dinner on the 6th November 2008. reason? i copy paste to ppl i invited's msn chatbox already.. so i dont feel like repeating the reason anymore here. anyway, to avoid confusion, i have to repeat this here. my actual birthday is 18th November. so this one is just an early celebration due to some personal reason alright!

hmm.. anyway, i wanted to invite more ppl. but unfortunately most of them are either not free or not around klang valley. so those who turned up was Shiau, David, Shon, Tysern, CJ, Krystal, Elaine, Jia Yang n both my brothers.

I had to work earlier that day. n guess wat? i got myself the 8GB thumb drive from work! woohoo! no need to buy already.. haha.

So dinner went on pretty well. i didn't upload all the photos taken that night here. but most of it are on my facebook. so u can check it out if u want to.


Candid shot

got tricked by this shon

me n samad guys

The "Gifts Opening Ceremony"
from shiau a.k.a. fei

also from shiau a.k.a fei

from CJ, Krystal, Elaine, Jia Yang n Anni..

from CJ (gift from Bangkok trip)

last but not least.. angpau a.k.a. CASH! from david, shon n tysern.

Thank you everyone for a wonderful dinner.. tho i was dead tired that night, but u all managed to make that night a very memorable one for me. =)


thomasting said...

o_0 happy belated birthday!

Jiaqi said...

belated?! not yet laa..

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