Friday, October 31, 2008

busy holiday

as u all know, im still having sem break n 2 more months to go. one moment i was so darn free n had nothing to do at all.. n one moment im so darn busy with so many jobs! yea.. im taking up a few part time jobs lately. so many that there was once where i had one job overlapped with another job's interview.

somehow i feel more happy working for short period of time rather than those long-term jobs. don't know why i get bored easily of working at the same environment for more than a certain period. hmm.. so do i call myself as a freelancer now?

sometimes i get so busy n tired that i don't reply friends' msg or call. u know me la.. when im tired, my sense of humor is switched off. so i get pissed off easily. n i cant really plan any outings with anyone yet. since i still have jobs lined up for me till end of this nov. even on my birthday also gotta work! =( *hint, hint ppl!!* heheheh. even for the next few days i will be occupied every day till thursday! gosh...

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