Saturday, December 1, 2007

sneak preview..

of my studio photos..

2 more papers to go, then STPM is over.. alil happy but also not very happy abt it. not very happy cuz knowing that i did so badly in it, my results will surely be horrible! and STPM over means no more school, which means no more seeing friends every weekday, which means no more singing in class & no more listening to lame jokes made by teachers and lame ppl from our class..


i SHOULD be studying now..


Satchid. said...

yes!! more school forever!! no more u6s1!!! yessssss!!!!! =)

dlt2 said...

the heck yr doing blogging n all huh? =P

yeah =/ bittersweet experience it is

more reasons 4 us to all b melodramatic and merry on our last day =)

Jiaqi said...

satchid: cis.. u suck! dont worry, i wont miss u!

tik tsin: yea, but my last day of exam wasnt really that melodramatic & merry.. haha.

evacoolstranger said...

hey...u6s1 nice la..i'l miss d class:) hehehe. i'l esp miss sumone always ;) hehehe.

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