Sunday, November 11, 2007



sobs.. my european sailing ship model which i built it myself a year ago is now destroyed! CRUSHED! all because of that stupid ceiling plaster thing! i don't know wat is it called! sigh.. it fell onto my ship. of so many things there, none of it was even moved except for my ship! on its way down, the stupid plaster knocked down my ship and landed on it! argh! here's a photo of the original position of that plaster.

I have no idea on how to repair the ship because the 3 main "tiang"s are broken into pieces! sigh.. i'll see what i can do after stpm lar..

Anyway, to everyone who's gona sit for STPM & SPM,



i_like_puppies said...

nice ship u built!try 2 use glue to stick it back la i mean the 3 tiangs....haha all the best ya!

Jiaqi said...

cannot use glue la. not strong enough. cz the tiangs need to support lotsa stuff & the tight strings =(

Satchid. said... look cool whatt. like titanic :P

Jiaqi said...

so not cool at all!

dlt2 said...

ouchies =/

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