Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Due to exam stress during the past 2 weeks, i had baked 2 cheese cake in between exam days. first one was jz plain cheese cake and the second was peach cheese cake (it has a layer of peach in the middle). that was my first time baking cheese cake. it tasted normal. which means no funny or weird taste like those muffins i made back in few years time! hahaha.

anyway, right after my last paper, almost the whole class went to sunway pyramid to sorta celebrate! we had nando's. then 6hrs of shopping & 2hrs of movie. haha. but still couldn't find a perfect piece of dress for my graduation ball. that's why some of us are goin to the mall again tomorrow to hunt for our dresses! haha.

oh before i forget, i would like to thank raja, vitya, lavania & jia xin again for the belated birthday gift! i bet u girls know how much i love it! =)

ok. time to dye hair & go gym now. actually im getting kinda tired goin out so often. & guess wat? its just the beginning of my 6months of freedom!


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