Thursday, August 16, 2007

Sixth Form Society Farewell.

the sixth form society farewell was today. food was ok. besides the bad choice of music (and the way pn. goh shaked her booty! eww!), everything was fine. but it was a good effort! well done to the new board!

something really unexpected happened at the end of this farewell. i was the "most eligible bachelorette" as voted by the sixth formers. -_-" i was seriously damn surprised! & alil happy also lah.. but it didn't sound so right. i'm sure many people know the reason why. & Brian was the "most eligible bachelor" ;)

yea. so to clarify things & make myself feel better, i searched for the definition of bachelorette from the oxford dictionary. it says: bachelorette = a young unmarried woman. so i guess it's ok gua. since i'm not literally & officially married! =X hehe.

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