Saturday, August 11, 2007

Girls' Day Out!

yee han, vitya, raja, lavania, jia xin, yu ting, hui ling, meng li, me & two of yu ting's friend went to mid valley for the simpsons today. wow.. 11 of us! but only 6 of us went for lunch & shopping together. we met up with the rest right before the movie started.

the movie was damn super funny! i think i laughed like mad till my throat was kinda sore when i got out of the cinema. (brian, i think u'd laugh ur head off & ur voice can be heard in whole cinema.. IF ONLY u were there! hahaha.)

yea, so we continued to shop after the movie & i ended up spending as much as my 3 weeks' allowance money! ouch! only felt that when i went home & checked my wallet! T.T

ok. these are the stuff i bought.

currently my new favourite accesories

ok. me experimenting with my hair. always imagine myself with short hair but never really wana cut like that. cuz i sayang my hair so much! lol. it's not easy to grow hair as long as mine now!

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