Tuesday, August 21, 2007

10 reasons why i hate the library

yes. i hate the MBPJ library!

1. the MBPJ guys are so fussy about books i bring in & sandals i was wearing.
2. it's damn freaking cold till i have to wrap myself up in layers of clothes.
3. and even that is not enough cuz i was shivering throughout the whole time there!
4. shivering causes my lips to dry.
5. dry lips causes my lips to crack.
6. cracked lips = scally reddish ugly lips! (ugh! disgusting!)
7. my lips cracked until i can feel the burning sensation even till now!
8. the coldness causes nose-block.
9. the coldness causes brain freeze.
10. with all the reasons above, i failed to concentrate on whatever i brought to do there!

well, i may not like that place, but yet i stayed in the library for almost 4hours. cuz it takes only one good reason to stay for that long. (though i could only secretly look at you from afar..) but seriously, no more library! i can't take this for another time!

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