Sunday, June 24, 2007

Treasure Hunt!

I went to the treasure hunt (Hunterthon 2007) organized by pendrive today. my team mates are: hong (driver), teck jeng, & alex. all of them are my sis's ex-colleagues. ok, it was pretty hard for a person who always get lost even in PJ area to join this competition.
anyway, i just got to know my team mates on today itself. so kinda lack of those team spirit & communication. what's worse was all my team mates are years older than me & speaks only mandarin. so, i kinda got my tongue tied whenever i tried to say something to them. -_-" well, my team mates are overall quite blur but helpful.
We went to lotsa places. so these are the following places we went today:
Station1: Merchant Square (some ulu places in tropicana)
Station2: Batu Caves
Station3: Eye on Malaysia, Tmn. Titiwangsa
Station4: Low Yat Plaza, K.L.
Station5: Fitness first, Menara Axis
Station6: Persiaran Perdana, Putrajaya
Station7: IOI Mall, Puchong
Station 8: Back to our starting point - Digital Mall, Seksyen14
yea.. so my sis's team got 20th place & mine got 24th outta 30 teams. haha. a not bad placing for a beginner like me. cuz i expected my team to get last.. since we got lost so many times.. haha. so that's about it.. this treasure hunt really brought me to lotsa places i've never been before. haha. so enjoy the pictures..
first time in Batu Caves

hong (my team's driver) & me

first time on "Eye on Malaysia"

KL Tower (view from "Eye on Malaysia")

Petronas twin towers (view from the "Eye on Malaysia")


sis & i

me & my team mates

sis's team mates

the treasure hunters!

-the end-

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