Sunday, July 1, 2007

School on Saturday

We had Gotong-royong Perdana last saturday. but i came late due to some personal reasons. when i reached, the cleaning was almost done. it was Mrs. Wong's last day in school as a teacher as well. so, we went KFC after school.
still teaching
while some of us were fooling around behind the class. btw, brian's head isn't that hard till it can break the racquet! it was already broken before this.

some ass-kicking action!

while i was away in KFC to wash my hands, these three dudes left some poser photos in my camera!


the girls

the boys

thorn among the roses! lol.

a treat for Mrs. Wong


Chuah said...

oh man i look so cool! ahaha!! eh how come your legs n pik pik look like man's leg.Banyak bulu-_____-''

Jiaqi said...

eh.. u blind ah? time to change ur glasses d!

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