Friday, June 22, 2007

Table Etiquette & Self-Grooming

Date: 22nd June 2007
Venue: KDU
Event: Table Etiquette & Self-Grooming Programme

Nothing much to write about this. didn't really manage to take any photos in KDU. & i went to the table etiquette for fine dining session only. how sad..

Yee Han & Lavania

Clockwise: Chongxian, Kok Joo, Pik Yuen, Vitya & me



Gzhang said...

Funny la you. SOMEONE who looks like took a few pics with my camera also! I wonder who........hahahaha

Sze Wei said...

Hey I actually wanted to go to the self-grooming session...

That's why i didn't follow the other group which I was supposed to and stayed. The plan backfired instead =(

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