Thursday, June 21, 2007

Mrs. Wong's...surprise belated birthday party?

The Choir Club had planned a surprise farewell party for our dear Mrs. Wong last thursday (21st June 2007). ok, she was surprised at first. but after that, she told us that she might not be leaving because she had just submitted the extension form again. well so, we decided to call it a surprise birthday party instead! hehe.

Everything went on as planned. we sang her a birthday song & our version of "blue danube" (which the lyrics were composed by Raja, Guo Zhang & me.)
When the party was over, we realised that there were so much food left. so we had this food-eating competition, which made everyone looked like a glutton -_-"

But it was fun.. hehe.
not so hygienic huh.. hahaha.

Aww.. i think she's touched!

Everybody's doing something funny in this picture. Raja is pointing at Guo Zhang who's staring at the food and omg.. look at Chong! he's trying to get out something that was stuck at his teeth with his tongue! lol.

chongxian & i

me & lavania

presenting Mrs. Wong her farewell gift from the Choir Club

us singin

Mrs. Wong's reaction during our performance

group photo
the food-eating competition

1 comment:

Chuah said...

FIRST THING FIRST!!! IM NOT A MONKEY FACE!!!yeshh so bad la u! and also i wasnt cleaning my mouth(i think)
yesh!! must screen tru the pics b4 upload! malu only=(

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