Wednesday, June 20, 2007


My class, U6S1 did our rat dissection on wednesday (20th June 2007). Each of us got a male rat. It wasn't easy to identify the veins & those tiny arteries. Unfortunately, our class got the fat batch of rats, which obviously made things worse.

Some of our rats had abnormal growth at the liver - TUMOR! so far, i think only Raja's & my rat had this tumor! oh.. & i screwed a few part of this dissection cuz i accidentally punctured the rat's liver & cut off the whole rib cage & diaphragm! luckily these parts are not being assessed.

Anyway, a picture paints a thousand words. so yeah, i'll let these pictures below to do the rest of the talkings.

hehe. a group photo first before starting our dissection.

before cutting open the abdomen

aww.. looks like stuart little!


me & my dissected rat

the tumor growing at the liver

labelling & the end

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