Thursday, March 31, 2011

When things get more and more sour......

When things get more and more sour......

I don't think I can accept.
I don't think I can forgive.
I don't think I will feel comfortable.
I don't think I will look forward.

I don't think it's fair.
I don't think it's right.
I don't think it's rational.
I don't think it's polite.

No matter what I try,
No matter what I do,
No matter when is it,
No matter how long it has been,

I will not feel better,
I will not like,
I will not forgive,
I will not forget.

Say all you wish,
Do all you want,
Whether behind my back,
Or in front of my face.

I will not care,
I will not bother,
I will pretend like you don't exist,
Because you really don't matter.

Knowing that I will never win,
It doesn't matter,
As long as I'm happy,
Screw you, m****r f****r!


Daniel said...


SinHui said...

just ignore whoever those people are and be urself, u always..hugs.

Jiaqi said...

:) thx, sin hui!
we need to catch up!

SinHui said...

after 7th MAY!!!! then im freeeee~

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