Friday, March 11, 2011

Lizard RIP

Uni life is so unpredictable. Everything I know suddenly seems very superficial. This includes the subjects I'm currently taking *and people I know*

There are times where I really feel like slapping the people whom I find being very fake. It's not wrong being fake. But if being fake until it costs other people's feelings hurt or anyone losing out on important info or stuff, then I'd say that being fake is a serious crime! And the criminal shall be prosecuted! Ewww.. I hate people like that! I feel so betrayed sometimes by people like that!

I really love and appreciate people with good heart and humble. Species like that almost extinct in this century. It doesn't matter whether you're smart or not so smart, I think these kind of values are just as important as scoring A's for your exam. I think that good morality and attitude
is more important than your academic scores!

Talking about academic stuff, I have mid-terms and tests all lining up this month. Gosh.. I find that the subjects are actually quite heavy! Find it a little difficult to concentrate due to too many distractions! grr...

Anyway, there's another story I'd like to share today. There's this lizard in my room that has
been ingesting all kinds of other insects that enter my room. It has been surviving in my room since it was 2.5cm long and that was two weeks ago. Just two days ago, this lizard has been so daring to crawl at the wall right where I was facing every time I sit on my study table! I got so annoyed so I decided to shoo it away. To my surprise, it didn't move at all although with all kinds of poking and slapping at the wall within its vicinity! So I made this paper shovel kind of thing to guide the lizard to the window. Then I finally manage to push it out through the window. Outside my window is actually the lower level's rooftop. So it stayed there and refused to move. It just opened and closed its mouth. On the next day, I still see it there on the rooftop. I think it must have died. sigh.. Here's to the lizard:

*the wet roof is because I was trying to pour water to shoo the lizard further and that was the furthest I could shoo it up to*


Hao-Wei said...

The lizard pet story... kesian. Died d.

SinHui said...

yea..some ppl can be really so fake for small reason and i just hope i dun noe them.

btw..RIP jiaqi's lizard pet. XD

Jiaqi said...

yea, hate those fake ppl!
miss those secondary school day..

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