Friday, August 20, 2010

Chasing star..

Don't know why i've been feeling dead tired lately.. I wanna do so much more, but there's only so much i can do in a day..

Things got worse when i was awaken one day by an sms at 8.10am asking me to go uni immediately for a test! I straightaway jumped off from bed, washed up, changed n walked so fast like kena chased by ghost to uni! Then i had to climb the stupid stairs to the highest floor to finally reach the hall! N all that for a 20mins test! N as expected, we had to chase after the lecturer AGAIN, like mad dogs, just to pass up our papers =.= hate it!

It's been so long since i last went out n really indulge myself with good movie, carefree shopping, good food, relaxing activities, etc... Would love to go on a holiday if i have the time n money :)

Anyway, i don't really have any idea on how other uni's societies r.. But from what i've seen from ppl's facebook pics, they look pretty fun, happening n Wow! Sad to say that my uni's societies r the exact opposite. Maybe not all, but most of it. Sad ppl with sad culture.. Sigh.. Even some of the committees don't attend their own official events.

Peace out!!

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