Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Busy Semesterrrrr...

Been kinda busy this semester.. assignments, presentations, tests, etc.. no time to update blog.. in fact, don't even have the "feel" or mood to update my blog. been playing too much playfish games lately T.T i should be very busy now. but somehow i still have time for this n that..

Nothing much happened anyway.. boring routine. yet to be bald someday cuz still shedding lotsa hair.. anyway, kinda stress this semester due to too many memorizing subjects. altho i should be thankful cuz its not the ultra difficult open book kind of subjects, but its kinda stressful to suddenly have 4 or 5 memorizing subjects in one semester!

Been cracking my head over this subject called "Engineering Materials". Thought its gonna be like Material Science, but i was wrong! Material Science is like only 20% of Engineering Materials! All that is in my head now is austenite, ferrite, bainite, martensite, .. ite.. ite.. ite.. *pening*

Another crazy subject is Occupational Safety and Management! funny thing is the lecturer doesn't teach us how to do something n expects us to have finished those things during the tutorials.. n always during tests and tutorials, everybody will be chasing after her to pass up paper, like crazy fans chasing after some superstar for the signature =.=

Anyway, my finals will be in 3 weeks time (around there la).. kinda worried about it. after my finals, i will b starting my industrial training! no break! finals end on 27th Sept and training starts on 1st Oct! zzz.. =.=

Today is exactly 1 year and 4 months we've been together.. n still counting.. glad that we have been through all those ups and downs together.

tho you may not be around all the time, but i just love it whenever you're around..
you may not be the most interesting guy in the world, but you are the guy i'm most interested in! :D

love u much! *hugssss*

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Sze Wei said...

OMGosh you also took Engineering Materials!!

I also hate this subject lor... They use part-time lecturers and they're not good anyways.

Good luck for this, once you get it, it gets quite easy. =)

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