Saturday, September 6, 2008

red eye red..

kinda screwed up my english paper today! suppose to be studying now. but decided to blog about my red eye. dont know whats wrong with it. so annoying! its been so red since many many days ago. ish.. geram! and there's this big pimple on my cheek! its so obvious cuz its so red and its exactly at the middle of my right cheek! argh..

"cause you were only playing,
You were only playing with my heart.
I was never waiting,
I was never waiting for the tears to start.

It was you who put the clouds around me.
It was you who made the tears fall down.
It was you who broke my heart in pieces.
It was you, it was you who made my blue eyes blue.."

"Blue Eyes Blue" by Eric Clapton

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