Tuesday, September 9, 2008

All in a day



"So, what's wrong with u?"

"Erm.. my eye. its very red & sore."

"Oh.. itchy?"

*shakes head*

"Ok. Then it is not an infection. Do u use contact lenses?"

*nods head*

"Then it must be ur contact lenses. I'll give u some eyedrops & antibiotics just in case u catch an infection. How long has it been like that?"

"About a week? But doc, there's this small grey swollen spot near my right iris."

*takes a big torchlight & shine into the poor sore & begin-to-get-watery eye*
"Nop, i don't see anything.
don't worry. everything is normal. is that all? anywhere else got problem?"

"Erm.. nop. just my eyes only."

"Alright. then that's about it!"

0.0 *stunned for couple of seconds*
"Okay. thanks."

*leaves the consultation room*

Not even
5 minutes in the consultation room & i was charged RM40 for a small bottle of eyedrops, antibiotics & some anti-infection tablets! =.= (no wonder so many ppl wana be a doctor.)

Actually i didn't wana see the doctor. but my condition was not getting any better. and with much nagging from my parents, i finally drove myself to a nearby clinic.

I hate medicines! but if i dont finish it, then my RM40 would be wasted! 0.0

anyway, happy birthday cc!! =) yup, celebrated cc's birthday today at station 1 cafe.

I'm always happy to have my friends around. I miss all my friends.. sometimes i wish good times will never end. i dont want good times to end.. its very sad to come to the fact that ppl who actually bring colours to ur life come & go just like that. why...? i may be forgetful at times, but i will never forget ppl who walked in & outta my life..

Something happened today. had a conversation with a long lost (i wouldnt call that person a friend. so yea.. ) acquaintance. i dont like telling everything about myself to ppl who r not so close but still wana kepoh about my stuff. especially things that will make ppl say "I TOLD U SO!" after telling. well, if i dont tell, it doesnt mean im lying. so i'll leave that matter for that person to find out. but from what i heard from that person, im sure that i'll be getting a I-TOLD-U-SO if i tell what really happened. sigh.. sadness..

well, its okay if some readers do not understand what i blog about. like i said, i dont like to tell everything about myself to everyone. cuz my story is always a sad story. so yea.. that's why.

I realized that i do miss my family & i actually love them very much when i was away from home.
(I feel so geli saying all this. but that's what i really feel.)

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