Sunday, July 13, 2008


I'm basically overloaded with assignments, tutorial homeworks, and studies.. and test is next week! ahhhh!!! going crazy d.. so much to catch up. sometimes i just feel like crying after looking at those super thick books & the amount of stuff i have to do to catch up the syllabus. im totally clueless about certain topics even though i've done repeated readings!

hmm.. i won't comment on the ppl there, since my blog is public again. hahaha. but most of them speak mandarin.. the killer dialect (for me at least it is)!

anyway, something bad happened. my faithful alarm clock fell off my bed few days ago.. its alil broken but still can function. what's worse is that i forgot to bring it back here after i brought it back home to fix. *sobs..*


die larr...


1 comment:

Ethan said...

keep your spirit up!!!may good luck be with you always...

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