Tuesday, May 20, 2008

hate it when i'm like that!

i knew i was gona burn myself for playing the fire. i knew all this will happen even from the start. why do i have to be so stubborn and yet still wana indulge in such childish act?

now that i got burned, and yes - Ouch!, it hurts.. really!

though the fire had once provided me warmth & enlightened my days, it was actually slowly eating me up. is it worth it to exchange those kind of joy with this kind of pain?

but why do i still can't feel any regrets in me? am i not learning anything from this? or should i say, will i ever learn? ugh.. i'm such a hopeless stubborn dumb freak!

sometimes i feel like a devil for doing things which are out of sanity. i really need to get rid of this devil in me! i get influenced real easy by thoughts in my head! am i crazy? or just too stupid to think clearly before doing anything?

argh... i just hate all this! though i know i deserve every bit of this...

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