Thursday, October 18, 2007

Bursting With Hatred!

I hate to be screamed at!
I hate to be screamed at in the middle of the night!
I hate to be screamed at something i'm not at fault in the middle of the night!
I hate to be the victim for anything at all!
I hate to be promised something knowing that whatever promised will definitely NOT happen!
I hate to be called bloody stupid by the person whom i think is not any better & deserves no respect!
I hate to be disturbed by matters which are purposely amplified!
I hate hypocrites!
I hate people who always find faults on other people but never once think of their own doings!
I hate people who think big of themselves!
I hate people who never apologize for their extremely rude & disrespectful attitude!
I hate people who are fake!
I hate people who don't listen!
I hate people to disturb my study mood which rarely comes!

I hate making people stuck in between!
I hate making things complicated!
I hate complications!
I hate feeling messed up!
I hate to say things i don't mean!
I hate doing things l don't like to do just because that's the only thing i should do!
I hate to hate!

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