Sunday, June 10, 2007


Please answer all questions. You may spice it up with humour, puffery or exaggeration. Nonetheless, it has to be the truth. Upon completion, please pass it on to 5 friends.

1. Your nickname that is used the most? What is the reason behind the nickname?
Jiaqi. cuz that's my name.

2. Your height? Be honest now..

3. This is lame and has been asked loads of times, but... What were you thinking about before going to bed?
how to restore my friendster.

4. Are you long-winded or short-winded?
erm.. somewhere in the middle, i guess. haha.

5. If you don't get sick for a very long time, you'll get leukemia.
huh? i don't think so..

6. I forgot to ask. You birthdate? And year.. Don't be shy.
18 November 1988! must remember the big day!

7. What's your favourite word? Any language.
don't have any in particular.

8. Ever wondered why the eyes of a caucasian or our fellow Western friends in general have coloured eyes, and not the Asians?

9. Given a chance, what's the wildest thing you would do?
erm.. don't know.

10. Do you have an MSN life?
erm.. i guess not. haha. cuz i'm always "busy".

11. You tag...
Anyone who's interested.

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