Sunday, June 10, 2007


*sobs* tsk..tsk..

still very sad about my accounts that got hacked! luckily i remember the answer to my secret questions. but i couldn't save my friendster account. cause the account was deleted! anyway, i just created a new friendster account. so add me there ya! haih.. all my old memorable testimonials are gone! *tsk..tsk..* this stupid hacker is causing me so much problem! Curse that shit head to roll down the hill & break every piece of bone leaving him a retard brain yet still alive to suffer!! well, probably i should look on the bright side. at least that idiot didn't hack into my blog! well, i guess i know why. cause i just changed my password recently due to some layout editting. but now, i damn no mood to change layout d.. *tsk..tsk..*

anyway, school's starting tomorrow. i realized that i wasted my two weeks holiday by going out, spending cash, watching movies, watching dvds, and spend extra hours in front of the computer. didn't do anything useful. somehow, i always feel so guilty about not studying, yet nothing is being done for that. haih.. what a holiday..!

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