Thursday, April 14, 2011

Rules of 7ife!

Many of us often forget.. the very basic rule of life. Problems around us arise majorly because we forget all these important and vital values in life. Here, I'd like to share seven rules. I hope people who read this can get something out of this. Here it begins.....

1. People around you have feelings!

Yes, pretty obvious right? Whether before or after you do anything, please for goodness sake, think of how people around you would feel. You are not living in a world of your own! If yes, then by all means, go ahead and ignore everyone's feelings. We don't exist in your world anyway! I'm not trying to say that you must think hard as if its a million-dollar question before you do every single thing in life.. just spare that few minutes or even split seconds of rationality for the sake of others! I bet you don't want others to ignore your feelings as well!

2. Appreciate, not show off!
I know we do appreciate certain things or certain people sometimes. But it definitely need not be showy! Example; if I appreciate my lecturer, do I have to tell the whole world that he/she has guided me in my assignment, given me personal attention, had a coffee with me, sacrificed his/her time for me, helped me in this and that, bla bla bla.. C'mon, cut the crap! Nobody wants to know what happened between you and the person you so-called appreciate! It's all in the heart. True appreciation comes with modesty and respect. Just like we all do, we do not go around hugging and kissing every object and person we see just because we appreciate our lives, instead we strive to lead a life as meaningful as we can quietly every day.

3. Judge people not!
It's very common that all of us has this so-called "feelings" about others during their first impression. Well, forget about these so-called instincts! It is most of the time wrong! Of course the feeling can be uncomfortable or bothering sometimes. Think all you want and just keep it between yourself and your mind - not the whole world. Stop bad-mouthing people just because your mind gives you a bad feeling about someone. Unless of course, if the person really did something bad to you - as in for real, not just in your small helpless mind!

4. Respect to protect!
Respect is one of the most important tool to protect a relationship, be it a husband-wife, brother-sister, friend-friend or even teacher-student relationship.. It may be difficult to accept certain opinions at times, but hey, if you can respect, I am sure you will have less difficulties in handling relationship crisis! Because you know your priority! Know where you stand and know how to play your role well. You'll be a less pain the a** if you can do this.

5. Stop pointing fingers!
Like what we always hear from the elders, "if we point finger to others, we are actually pointing fingers back to ourselves". True enough. A simple example here. A girl thinks someone is childish, she starts whining and telling the whole world that it is so childish for that someone to openly degrade her just to get a message across! Look who's talking! Please, do not do unto others what you do not want others to do unto u. Whatever the problem is, reflect it on yourself first. No matter how wrong the person is, pointing fingers is definitely not gonna make things better.

6. Know your limits.
If you know or if it clearly shows that you are not capable of doing something, think of an alternative solution to it. I'm sure it doesn't hurt anyone to change your mindset and open up to other alternatives. The world is not gonna end if you can't have it your way! But it surely hurts people around you if you insist to walk towards the giant hole in front of you after much advices. I've always believed that we as human, gifted with brains are capable of adapting to almost any new environment. Who knows the alternative road that you take may lead you to a better life!

7. Give and take.
Don't expect people to start being nice to you, if you yourself is not doing any of that to people. "Give" doesn't literally mean "initiating a nice gesture to people first, then only you can get it back". Sometimes, it is best to not do anything and shut up, then you'll be doing everybody a favour. If you can control yourself in tensed situation by keeping your mouth shut, then you're actually very much better than the person who's still trying to yack his way into your nerves. It takes a very strong-minded person to be able to do that. That is how you "give". And "take" simply means take their words for it. There must be a reason why the person can't stop yacking. Rationalize the main point and try to do something about it, that is if there's anything that can be done.

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