Sunday, May 2, 2010

Finally, finals!

Tomorrow will be my first paper for finals.. Just when the exam is near, i don't feel like studying.. Sigh.. i'm so tired.. so so mentally tired.. have been mugging my books for the past two weeks!

I've finished watching all 6 seasons of Family Guy.. And now i have nothing similar to watch. Was thinking to download new comedy cartoons.. but don't have anything in mind yet. Everything else is so boring.. or probably i'm just not interested in anything. for now.

Have been listening to Avril's first album "Let Go" over n over again for the past few days.. Reminds me of those days last time.. I STILL love her old songs like mad!

Anyway, my first paper is Pendidikan Moral.. which is full of crap! then, Engineering Analysis, Engineering Economics, Environmental Science & Engineering, Chemical Process Control & Instrumentation and Chemical Reaction Engineerinng 1.. after 15/5, i'll be free! woot! :D


SilverNeko said...

aik? u still have to take pendidikan moral at uni level??

iyerrrrrrr LOL

Jiaqi said...

hahah. yea. sort of like a compulsory thing here.. otherwise cannot graduate! =X

Cheah Ching Chern said...

You watch Family Guy? How is it?

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