Monday, February 1, 2010


Been really busy lately.. new semester just started two weeks ago.. n i'm already sick! grr... its so annoying to fall sick! hate that tasteless feeling on my tongue after every time i had my medicine! every time i fall sick, it feels as if i've wasted so much of my time! everything i planned to do has to be postponed! plus, CNY is coming - the time where i get to eat all kinds of cookies and snacks.. and i'm forbidden from all that! =.=


Anyway, the subjects that i'm taking this semester are as follow:
1. Engineering Analysis
2. Engineering Economics
3. Chemical Reaction Engineering I
4. Chemical Process Control & Instrumentation
5. Environmental Science & Engineering
6. Pendidikan Moral

I particularly like Engineering Economics.. cuz it relates to the fb game i'm currently playing - Tycoons! hehe. actually, the subject is quite boring.. n very subjective.. BUT since i can relate it to Tycoons, then its now less boring already! :D

And guess wat? few of my subjects require knowledge of subjects i've taken during my early years.. Laplace transform, PDE, Fourier transform, etc... =.= n i only rmb like, 30% of it? =.=

Anyway, going back to Setapak tomorrow. boring.. boring..

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