Sunday, November 1, 2009

AAR Concert.... & Gym Session!

Went to All-American Rejects concert last yesterday. it was a last minute thing.
Firstly, i would like to thank Jessie Ong for the tickets!

At first, we thought the concert will be starting at 6pm. so we arrived Bukit Jalil around that time.

Look, the ticket says: The All-American Rejects live in Malaysia.. also featuring one buck short, disagree and pop shuvit.. 6pm.. blah.

MANA TAU.. the concert started at 7.30pm.. then until 9 something, AAR still haven't showed up! gosh.. we were standing quite in front and the crowd was so packed and some monkeys can even smoke in the middle of the crowd!

I think this concert was a more gross experience than my last one back in two yrs ago (i think) with Raja. it was Good Charlotte concert.

cuz this time, i had some gross guy with long hair, bad body odour, and UNSHAVED BEARD standing next to me.. n as usual, u know how close ppl will be standing next to each other during concerts.. EEWWW!!! anyway, this is gross guy #3. n before i was pushed around till this gross guy #3 was standing next to me, i was standing next to this gross guy #2.. he is SERIOUSLY super sweaty! n everytime somebody is performing, he will open his mouth wide n stare at the stage! =.= n before this, i was standing behind this gross guy #1. he is very tall & sweaty.. already he is so tall (and smelly) and yet he keeps jumping up & down in front of me. as if im any taller than him that any of those movements will not block my sight from the stage.. =.=

anyway, after standing 4hrs in the crowd surrounded by ppl like that.. we finally decided to leave. just when we managed to get out of the crowd, AAR finally showed up!!! geram betul.. we watched a just few mins of their first performance n left.. cuz really cant stand on our aching feet already.. hahaha.

crumpled ticket

me & jessie

the view of the stage from our standing place

somebody performing (not AAR)

So, after a tiring evening at the concert... somebody suggested to go to the gym the following day (which is today - 01/11/09).. =.=

It's been ages since i last went for gym. so i kinda suck. im rigid, slow & weak.. sigh..

Weird thing is i still cant touch my feet with my hands.. sitting down with my feet stretched out straight.. after all these years.. in fact, i dont think i had successfully done that before! ever!! in my entire life so far!!

Now, every part of me is aching.. need some time to recover before i can go for another round! lol.

But i know somebody is looking forward to it.. hehe..

1 comment:

Daniel said...

eh eh..
i got free tickets for this event but couldnt make it coz got some conference.
gave it away =_="

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