Thursday, November 19, 2009


Had a small celebration with uni friends (Krystal, Elaine, Ning Xin, Kok Zhen, and Benny) on my birthday eve at this Four Season Restaurant. We sat at the Autumn section..

Had a great time with all of them!

Thank you everybody for the plan! hehe.

Me & my cakes!

Birthday cakes! :D


oh yea, the gift was a shirt from Pull and Bear.. n also these 22 notes from everyone of them! :)
btw, the shirt that they gave is the one i'm wearing in the photos! kinda loose, but still look good! :D

we took this photo at the Summer section. we look like we're really at the beach! lol..

Anyway, was really happy to get many many wishes from everybody.. and this includes those who wished me via sms, calls, facebook, msn, or even personally.. thank u all!!! all of u made my 21st even more special!!

More updates on the Birthday Day soon. hehe..

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