Saturday, October 17, 2009

Steamboat..... & my hair!!!

What happened lately..

Went to a buffet steamboat yesterday at Sunway. i think its called Jin's Deli.
Overall, i think its better than Hot Pot (also in Sunway).
Firstly, the food there are quite fresh.
cuz they keep the meat separately and we can order whenever we want some.
n its quite hygienic compared to most buffet steamboat. cuz all food are kept in iced trays with lids.
plus, its much cheaper. all at only RM19.80 per person.
oh.. n even the boss himself made some special sauce for us!
oh.. n he even claimed that his soups are all MSG-free..
at least a super MSG-sensitive person like me didn't fall sick or having the usual symptoms after having my dinner there.
btw, the herbal soup was quite good!

waiting for the food to be cooked.

our food.

whee... ice cream session!

oh.. n i also cut my hair few weeks ago (right before my finals). kinda miss my very long hair..

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