Thursday, August 27, 2009

Is this more than you bargained for yet?

sometimes, when u always do things for ppl around u JUST to please them or just to make everybody's life less miserable, u tend to get pretty fed up.. will they even know how much effort u put in that? i doubt so. even the most patient & kind person on earth will eventually get fed up of living with ppl like that.

usually, we only need do that when we're around selfish ppl. selfish ppl who don't really care about ppl around them.. that is why there is a NEED for us to do that so that everybody can live peacefully. these selfish ppl will only know what is best for themselves and will never be bothered by how or what u feel. they think they are hell greater than everyone around them, which is usually & obviously untrue..

it's normal to get angry over it every once in awhile.. cuz of the feeling of being "taken advantage of".. it seems as if they are BORNED to take advantage of ppl around them! cuz they seem to go so well in taking every deed u do.. with no slight expression of gratitude at all! i'm not trying to say that we should expect ppl to change or do something back every time we do something for them. but... why isn't everyone like us? why can't they think like us? like how we always think for them?

IF ONLY everyone thinks from another's shoes before saying or doing something.. then all our lives would really be less miserable. at least mine would be.

well, it's not like i'm gonna spend forever with these ppl. with that as a fact, it really gives me a big relief! once i'm not seeing these ppl anymore, who cares? but what IF i have to do that to ppl whom i'm gonna spend a long long time with?

will it ever come to a point where my feelings will be numbed? well.. well..


actually, i have better things to do rather than spending my precious time sitting in front of my screen n start grumbling about all these.. finals will be starting in 2 weeks time.. oh crap! so much to study in such a short period!

its not like i have not been studying constantly all these while and now i have to do last min stuff & all that crap.. its just that i was loaded with hell lots of assignments & stupid lab reports.. my goodness, can't believe that i had actually done 18 lab reports this sem! 18 LENGTHY lab reports.. of average 8-9 pages per report. that is why, i have been really really busy this sem.. tho my time is precious, but i still need a break! & i still need a place for me to complain to.

p.s. i love my blog! at least it won't shoot me back when i'm expressing my opinions & feelings. it gives me the joy of freedom of expression.. how nice!

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