Monday, May 25, 2009


An outing at One Utama with my form6 classmates last Thursday. Not everyone was able to make it due to different sem break period. Pik Yuen, Yu Ting, Shiau, Satchid & Kok Joo were there.

Coincidentally, 3 of us are currently doing Engineering (of different fields) and the other 3 are doing Medicine. And all of us are doing our studies at different uni's.

& guess what? These future doctors kept talking about some phemoral crap (oops! i forgot what exactly was it!) throughout the WHOLE time, making the rest of us feeling sorta left out. =.= besides, i dont think there's any interesting Engineering stuff for the rest of us to actually talk about! ( for i really cant imagine myself going around talking about themodynamics, dynamics, fluid mechanics n stuff like that to ppl! hahaha!)

We had Nando's & went for a movie, Night At The Museum 2. The movie was good! We were laughing & giggling (a.k.a. very noisy) almost throughout the whole time in the cinema (as usual).

Aaah.. i miss form 6.

the girls

aahhh... stress! i'm surrounded by future doctors.

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