Monday, February 23, 2009

Sneak Peak!

A sneak preview of what's happening & going to happen lately! =)

these are some of my favourites!

u can comment on it.. if u want to..



ButTeRcUp said...

i like picture 4 & 7. got feel. haha!

all the best and ganbade! oh ya, linked you up d!

Jiaqi said...

hey! those two are my favs too! :) link u up too ya! :D

shon chong said...

hey qi jie, when you become model edi 1??

Jiaqi said...

=.= im not a model...

Jess said...

i love picture 4 the most~!
u looked so cool in that~
are u going to start your modeling career soon? =)

Jiaqi said...

=) thanks! dont think will venture much in that field.. very busy nowadays.. hehe.

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