Saturday, November 29, 2008

Meet Up!

Met up with pik yuen, yee han, vitya, shiau n chongxian on the 27th of November 2008. wanted to ask more ppl from 06/07 S1 people to go. but most of the rest are busy with something.

So the 6 of us went to Bar.BQ Plaza to have our lunch. n we had dessert at Baskin Robin's. then the two guys went back leaving the girls behind. so we went for karaoke n had so much fun there. hahaha. we sang from 3pm-7pm! almost lost our beautiful voices! haha!

it was nice meeting up with everyone again. though its been some time since we last saw each other, but when we meet up, it felt as if we were still in form6 again!

here are some photos taken that day. n the rest are in my facebook. =)

lunch at Bar.BQ Plaza

the girls with the dragon

desset at BR

group photo!

karaoke session!

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