Wednesday, October 1, 2008

that's what u get!

well.. well.. well.. in case someone so happen to bump into my blog, let me tell u something!

firstly, i dont like ppl who think big of themselves & simply guess anything about me. dont try to act smart & simply assume, especially when it is something about me.

secondly, i hate ppl who wana act as if they are so courteous by apologizing for crap reasons but actually they are making things worse.. this is so bloody cheap, annoying & fake!

& lastly, i think ppl who wana scold others using foul language but duno how to spell those words correctly are so dumb! u are only making a fool outta urself! so bear in mind to keep ur mouth shut if u cant even spell! if u talk less, nobody would actually think ur mute (or dumb. which makes u a real dumb fool now since u made a fool outta urself)!

anyways, if i dont reply, it doesnt mean im outta words. its just that i think replying to such dumbness is such a waste of time!

sigh.. out!

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