Sunday, October 19, 2008

lost.. in klang valley!

i went times square today. it took me a 35 mins drive to reach there.

went for karaoke (though i was still having a sore throat), had lunch, & bought a handbag.

so far, it was still a nice day.

then when i left, it was raining cats & dogs! n it took me 1 hour & 15 mins to reach home!

guess why?

i was lost!!! i couldn't remember where exactly i went. cuz i was trying so hard to see the road & look for useful signboards while driving in the heavy rain!

all i could remember was seeing signboards that say:

salak selatan, sungai besi, kg. permaisuri, cheras, jln. kuchai lama, seri kembangan, giant, ukm, ucsi.. etc.. (etc = some places that i had never heard before & i dont remember what is it called)!

i ended up at the same place for a few times! i even drove back to times square..


malaysia's road signboards are so misleading..


Miux said...

Its a wonder how u could get lost till tht area from times square. lol.

Come to think of it, u just reached my place! haha

Jiaqi said...

lol! if im not mistaken, ur place is cheras rite? hahaha. if i knew where i was heading, i wouldnt even end up there..

Miux said...

At least u know how to get lost to the cheras pasar mlm now. haha

Jiaqi said...

cheras pasar malam?? 0.0

shon chong said...

haha raining so cannot use smart tuner .. so dunknow the way back edi ka? ha

Jiaqi said...

wat smart tuner? didnt hear before also. heheh.

Miux said...

Lol, u sounded like someone who came from out of town.
Everything also nvr heard of it

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