Tuesday, August 5, 2008

yes, it's YOU i'm talking to! so hear me out!

You don't deserve this.
Do you even care?
Yes, you cared about everything
Everything else but me.

My heart is an open door.
But all you did was kept it shut.
You never came, never called
Then everything just hit the wall.

This anger, frustration locked inside
Realizing there's nowhere left to hide.
You could never be like me.
You could never truly see.

My mind is clouded yet i feel no hate.
You look at me and i am swayed
till my feelings were pushed aside.
Then you do this to me all the time!

You don't deserve this.
So why am i doing this?


evacoolstranger said...

wut song is tht?! so emo one?! paramore again ar...wah..not bad la...write title so i can hear the song plz.....hehehehe.n ya..tell me! :[

Jiaqi said...

its not a song la plz! --__--"

evacoolstranger said...

har,,u mean u wrote dis?! damn pro la!!hehehehe..i cudn't write it for a thousand yrs wei...y so emo la?

evacoolstranger said...

hey..who r u talkin to la? wan me go tell tht person ar? so blur meh? mayb tht guy didn visit ur blog neh? hehehehe..wan me go tell him ar?

Jiaqi said...

tell who wat?! hahaha.

evacoolstranger said...

hm..:( go tell d person u so emo bout la...knock d words into his head :) hehehehehee..so tell!!!wutz bout the previous emo thing...faster!!!

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