Saturday, July 26, 2008

just another random post

im currently typing this post from my puchong home. still have one assignment and a lab report undone. have to hand up my assignment on monday. but my brain's kinda saturated of god-knows-what.. probably i've been squeezing my brain too much weeks before this, that's why im so tired lately.. 2 tests next week.. wednesday & thursday. huh.. & i havent even started flipping any pages of my books. gah.. im so dead!

omg.. omg.. avril's coming to malaysia! this august, i think. hahahaha. i wana go to her concert!!! but.. sigh. dont know la..

i really dont understand why certain ppl can be so... UGH!!! (no words to describe. but its definitely not something good!) or perhaps, im just being too sensitive. but i dont think my sensitivity is at an above-average-level! huh.. how nice it'll be if i have no feelings at all..

"I’ve had enough waiting for your so-called planning
The future that you spoke of, just how long will it take?
Always when it’s too late only you realize that I’m lovable
I want to depend on you, but you’re always not there"

if only u can see all this.. if only you cared.. if only..

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