Sunday, June 15, 2008

happenings lately..

Nothing much happened lately. just that i'm so into TVB dramas lately! haha. watched 12episodes a day! nuts! lol.

oh, public uni results coming out soon! this coming Wednesday (18/06/08) to be exact. all the best to every 6th form leaver ya! hopefully i'll get somewhere near laa.. not that i think i'll be homesick, but i think it'll be really hard for me to get used to living with minimum level of communication & civilization!

anyway, i went sunway lagoon last sunday. didn't take many photos there. went to both wet & dry park. there were 11 of us.
kinda enjoyed my time there. cuz can cuci mata there! hahaha.

360 degrees rides rocks! hahaha. can see ppl sitting opposite u with their hair standing up straight when ur at the top! damn funny laa.. oh, & can feel the blood rushing to ur brains too! but the safety black cushioned thing of the seat was way too tight for me. quite painful.. especially for girls(if u know what i mean)! ouch!

here's one photo of me on one of that 360 degrees ride.

me, wilson, daniel (i think that's their name.)

Anyway, i'm considering whether should i publicize my blog again or not.

1. no need to mafan visitors to always log in to read.
2. long lost friend can drop by (if they so happen found the link to my blog). cuz i may not have long lost friend's email. so there's no way for them to access my blog.

1. some ppl who has nothing better to do will spam my blog. (like last time!)
2. anonymous cowards will leave unpleasant comments on my blog. which if serious, may create conflicts & misunderstandings.

so ppl,
do leave me comments on this matter at this post. i'll decide based on majority's opinion.
anyway, miss ya all!


Gzhang said...

If you're so afraid of spammers in your chatbox, remove the chatbox and make it compulsory for people to log in to comment in your comment box.

After all, this is why you have a comment box righttttttttt??

And then make it public la....I feel like I'm entering a secret website everytime I drop by! XD

Samuel Wong said...

well if you are ready and will to face the public gain some popularity then you must learn to manage the heat.

If not...ohh well you can still stick to a little more private and comfort. Its not really a hassel coz i put "remember password" so i dont have to log in. And its a small step really.

ChongX said...

OPEN IT LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!if there are spammers just say whatever makes them happy la! XD

Jade Davis said...

up to you actually but about spamming you can always erase/block them from ever going to the cbox right?

there is a function to block ppl at cbox's website when you log in there.

Jade Davis said...

oh ya and for the blogspot site you can also always change your settings to NOT allow anonymous comments. dunno if you know this but you are allowing it now.

i think that should solve your spam problem.

Satchid. said...

sets laaaa

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